Buying a holiday home in Parque Holandes?

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands with Canary Immo

Do you want to buy a house or apartment in Parque Holandes on the Canary Islands to spend the winter or as a refuge from your busy professional life? Do you want to buy or renovate a second residence? We take on the challenge together with you and relieve you at every step in the search and renovation process.

Canary Immo works only on behalf of the buyer. Therefore we are not tied to specific real estate agencies or project developers. Moreover, we do it in a unique way. First of all we identify your needs and expectations. We then get to work and start our search for your new home under the Canary sun. This approach allows us to take your wishes 100% into account and to represent your interests as much as possible.

We know the hotspots like no other and know exactly what holidaymakers find important in terms of equipment and comfort. This knowledge forms the basis for proactively selecting available holiday homes. The selected properties can serve as a source of inspiration, give you an insight into the Spanish property market and, with a bit of luck, be an instant match for you.

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buying a holiday home Canary Islands

Buying a house or apartment in the Canary Islands in Parque Holandes? Let yourself be assisted by a real estate advisor!

As a non-resident, when purchasing real estate in the Canary Islands in Parque Holandes, you are best assisted by independent advisers. In your search for the ideal holiday home, you can consider working with a real estate advisor. This advisor knows the region and the local real estate market. Moreover, they are skilled at negotiating the best price for you. 

In addition, there are a number of specific procedures and to do's associated with the purchase of property in the Canary Islands in Parque Holandes for which it is best to call on the services of a legal advisor or consultancy.
For example, it is advisable to get advice and representation during the legal inspection of the property and its purchase.

Even after the purchase it may be useful to have your legal expert look after your interests and arrange certain formalities for you, such as the drawing up of your contracts or the declaration of the taxes connected with the purchase and ownership of your holiday home.

Buying a holiday home Canary Islands

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Who is Canary Immo?

Buying a house or flat in Parque Holandes? We take care of you every step of the way.

You won't find B2B or B2C sales strategies with us. What we do go for is an H2H collaboration, Human To Human, where  caring, integrity and connection are central. We take a personalised approach and always put your expectations first.

To best defend your interests, we work 100% independently of building promoters, real estate agents, contractors and suppliers.

What can you contact Canary Immo for?

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands

Buying a holiday home

Buying a house or apartment in Parque Holandes? Looking for a holiday home or investment project in Fuerteventura or Lanzarote? View our pre-selection of real estate highlights or launch a tailor-made search..

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Buying a holiday home Canary Islands


Would you like to have your house on Fuerteventura or Lanzarote decorated or renovated, or do you want to install a swimming pool or solar panels? We will make your second home ready for your holidays.

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“When I visited Lanzarote and Fuerteventura for the first time in 2014, I instantly fell in love. The mild temperatures, the tranquillity of nature and the welcoming community immediately made me dream of buying a residence on one of the islands. However, the search for a house was far from easy. The main obstacles were the distance and the Mediterranean business culture that I had no affinity with. So I came up with the idea of helping other sun seekers to realise their real estate dream. With over 30 years of experience in sales, I know that everything starts with a problem-solving mentality and customer-oriented service. This is what I want to offer my customers: a carefree home under the sun.”

- Peter Van Bogaert, founder of Canary Immo

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands

- Fuerteventura, the island of eternal spring

Buying a house or apartment in the Canary Islands in Parque Holandes? This is how we work for you:

1 | Orientation:

Do you like a bustling coastal town or are you a silence seeker? What are your investment plans? In order to map out your expectations and goals in detail, we use an extensive questionnaire. During a free orientation meeting we will discuss with you your answers and zoom in on several of your wishes and preferences.

2 | Selection:

If you wish, we can organise a guided tour of the islands in order to explore the region and to find out about your preferred areas. Once we have gathered all the information, Canary Immo starts a house hunt with your wish list as a guideline. As we work independently we can make a selection out of the complete  real estate offer  on the Canary Islands.

3 | Visit:

If we have found a property that meets your expectations, we will make an appointment with the owner or the estate agent to view it. If you are convinced and want to buy it, we will negotiate the most favourable price with all parties involved..

4 | Validation:

As soon as there is an agreement in principle with the seller, we put you in contact with an independent legal partner. Throughout the legal process, you will be represented by a reliable party who will fully represent your interests in this area.

5 | Facilitating and furnishing (optional):

Would you like to arrive in a ready-made residence and start your holiday immediately? We are your partner for small renovations. We also offer to furnish your home, leaving enough space for your personal touch.

6 | Representation (optional):

Renting out and maintaining your second home? We introduce you to reliable maintenance and rental companies that will ensure your property is always in good hands.

Buying a house or flat in the Canary Islands in Parque Holandes?

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Your advantages at Canary Immo

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands

1 | Familiarity with the region: 

In Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, outdoor living is essential.

We know the islands inside out and know what real estate buyers or investors should consider when buying property on the islands.

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands

2 | Network:

We have a wide network of construction and real estate partners certified by Canary Immo. We are not tied to any single real estate agency or constructor, so your desires always come first.

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands

3 | Clear communication: 

We work with clients throughout Northern and Western Europe. We are fluent in Dutch, French and English and guarantee a direct approach.

Buying a holiday home in the Canary Islands

4 | Time-saving:

No unnecessary trips back and forth to visit houses or follow up on works. As your representative, we are your eyes and ears on site. This way, you can simply relax and enjoy your residence while on vacation.

Ready to realise your Canary holiday home under the sun dream?

What does it cost to buy property in Parque Holandes

Compared to other Spanish regions, the Canary Islands have remarkably favourable tax rates on real estate. This keeps the total additional costs relatively low when buying property. Count on around 10% on the purchase value of your property.

The biggest cost when buying a property in the Canary Islands is the transfer tax. A distinction is made here between a new-build property and a second-hand property. As a buyer of a new-build property in the Canary Islands, you pay 7% IGIC (Canary General Indirect Tax) + 1% of the purchase value. If you buy a second-hand property, the rate is 6.5% of the purchase value.

In addition, as a buyer of a house or flat, you have to pay registration fees.  te betalen. These are usually not high. Count on a few hundred euros, depending on the purchase value of your property.

In the same order of magnitude are the costs associated with registering the purchase contract in the land register.. These costs are also calculated on the basis of the purchase price.

When purchasing a holiday home in the Canary Islands, it is best to call on legal assistance from an independent lawyer or a legal consultancy.. After all, you have to arrange the declaration of the taxes associated with the purchase and possession of real estate in Parque Holandes yourself. The duties of a notary in Parque Holandes are very limited. Count on approximately 1% of the purchase value for advice from a legal representative when purchasing your house or apartment.

However limited the duties of the notary are, you will have to take into account notary costs. The notary's fees depend on the purchase price of the property and, like in the rest of the Canary Islands, average around €1,000.

Finally, you pay certain administrative costs. For example, consider switching utilities. Of course, these costs differ per company.

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