Working with Canary Immo? Below you will find a clear overview of all our rates per commission. Do you still have questions? No worries, the intake interview is free of charge. 

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You buy a property from our offer

When you purchase a property from our portfolio, there are no costs for you as a buyer. The seller pays us a commission because he is the principal. Do take into account the other costs associated with buying property in Spain. You can find more information about this in our blog: Costs when buying property on the Canary Islands

Check my property

You have found a dream home or real estate project yourself, but would like an independent confidential adviser to check this for you before making the crossing yourself? Great, call us in, we will make a visit and inform you of our findings. The fixed cost for Fuerteventura is €145, for Lanzarote it is €195.

If you wish to make a purchase afterwards, you can also be guided by us for this. More information can be found further on under “buying real estate”.

Exploration of the island

If you are not yet sure where on the island to buy property, you can take a guided tour. We divided Fuerteventura into 3 areas each. The exploration of one area takes more or less 1 full day and costs €395. The price for a tour of all 3 areas is €995.

House hunt

Are you turning to Canary Immo for a tailored house hunt? For the search, we operate on a flat fee of €495 including IGIC. Within 6 months, we will present you with at least 4 potential properties that closely match your expectations. If no ideal property is found during the initial search, we can, of course, with the approval of both parties, initiate a second tailored house hunt.

If you decide to purchase one of the properties we've found, our legal and practical assistance in real estate acquisition starts automatically. You can find the rates further below.

Combination of regional exploration and house hunt

Discover a region and spot interesting real estate in the meantime, it's possible. In this package we combine the 2 previous trajectories. We will discover the region of your choice and, based on the house hunt we have carried out, we will combine this discovery with the presentation of a few opportunities. At a later time, the most interesting homes can be visited in detail. This formula also has a fixed investment of €895.

If you decide to purchase one of the properties we've found, our legal and practical assistance in real estate acquisition starts automatically. You can find the rates further below.

Legal and practical assistance in real estate acquisition 

Finding your ideal spot under the sun is one thing, but actually buying and taking possession of the property is another story. We guide you both practically and legally, providing a unique combination that ensures 360-degree all-inclusive support and 100% peace of mind. We personally conduct the practical assistance. For legal guidance, we collaborate with carefully selected partners who are specialized and renowned in the field of legal assistance.

This service is remunerated at a rate of 2% of the purchase price with a minimum of €4000 excluding IGIC. An advance payment of €1500 is required to initiate these services. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 3 weeks before signing the deed at the notary's office. 

This service can be provided under the aforementioned conditions even if you have found your dream home yourself or choose one of the real estate gems pre-selected by us. When applying for collaboration, select the option 'Legal and practical assistance in real estate acquisition'


If you wish to engage Canary Immo for advice on choosing a partner for renovation works, we also start here with a free and non-binding intake meeting. Please note that these services are only accessible to customers who have purchased a property or have their rental property managed by us. The following services are included:

  • Presenting your project to potential partners and obtaining personalized quotes.
  • Providing the cooperation agreement with the supplier of your choice.
  • Assisting in initiating your collaboration.

For these services, we charge a commission fee of 5% excluding IGIC.

Would you like us to oversee the smooth progress of the works? For this, we work with hourly rates depending on the task. Of course, we will determine the number of hours to be spent as much as possible in advance and in mutual agreement.

We reserve the right to adjust our rates and commission system at all times.

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